KR-33A and KR-25A (large diaphragm cardioid)

   "I [almost] forgot to talk about one of the best mics I ever used .......  He (Taylor Johnson) makes his own line of mics called T.H.E. The KR-33A is on his regular preamp tube. You have all the capsules you can screw on top; 6 or 7 different capsules, from wide cardioids and omnis, free-field omnis, diffuse-field omnis. He's got this one that's tuned to be a big solo sound, [with] a big 33 millimeter capsule (T.H.E. KR33-A model). It's the most killer voice-over mic known to man and it's also a great violin mic, especially for a big full sound. It looks a lot like that Audix mic, with the thin barrel and the lollipop on top.

......... man they built a gorgeous mic. Their regular 25 (millimeter) capsule (T.H.E KR-25A model), which is the standard 1 inch capsule, is as clear as a bell and it's one of those all-purpose wonders, very quiet, very rich, and there's no gross anomaly to it. I'm a big fan of those. They're not cheap. For what you get [though], they're cheap. They're a bargain."

     Russell Frehling in TAPE OP magazine

What do some of our USERS say about T.H.E. microphones?

TT-3M (omni reference mic)

   "The remarkable thing about your microphone is how close it gets at such an outstanding price with seemingly no compromises in construction or design. Since it absolutely incorporates all of the qualitites of the Schoeps mics I use (very smooth response, good reach and so forth) I would never hesitate to recommend your mic to those who just don't have the money to spend for the Schoeps. I would also freely recommend your mic, and even over the Schoeps on this account, because I am sure your microphone is more stable, less prone to all the difficulties that the Schoeps can exhibit without warning and seemingly without cause........ So I will be using your mic more in the future and I am pleased to have it now as part of my microphone package."

        J. Wexler - on location in New Zealand

KR-1F (omni free-field mic)

    "Very Impressed. The transparency and accuracy was just what I was looking for. I've used these mics on choirs and they really do reach in and pull out the details. Definitely a "brighter, airier" sound than some of the competing choices, and the lack of handling noise is AMAZING! I hope to get a pair of the KR-2C cardioid capsules soon!"

        I. Corbett

KR-25A and KR-33A (cardioid large diaphragm mics)

    "MY GOD... You've made my recordings incredibly detailed. There is no comparison. The violin was transparent and flush with sound. My guitar, what can I say, my old 4050's sound like direct-boxes next to your mics. Even looking at the wave-form is a pleasure! So true to life. I play a Breedlove guitar which has the fullest body of any guitar I've played and these mics are like having my ears right there. .... never before has there been such an accurate representation of the sound my guitar produces..... My hat is off to you. You'll definitely get a great big THANK YOU on my group's next record. I have to drag myself away from these or I'll end up sleeping with them..... AAAAHHHHHH!"

      J. Romano - Charlottesville, VA - USA

KR-33A (cardioid large diaphragm mic)

    "I just wanted to say that we put Courtney on the KR-33A and found the results to be spectacular. We have so much more latitude in where we place her in the mix due to the clarity of the mic. Mind you, I'm not placing the sound of the KR-33A in a field of boners, as I have been using good-to-excellent mics throughout the recording (Earthworks, Sennheiser MKH-405, AKG 414, GT, Rode NT2 and NT3) ... mixing her will be a piece of cake."

     M. Stocker, Lagunitas, CA - USA

KR-2C (cardioid small diaphragm mic)

    "Man, the more I use the KR-2C's, the more I like them! They've become my hands-down favorite small diaphragm mic.

     J. Baccigaluppi (Publisher, TAPE OP magazine)

KR-25A (cardioid large diaphragm mic)

    " ...the KR-25A 1" cardioid capsule on the KA-04 body is one of the most neutral, invisible, hyper-accurate microphones I've ever had the pleasure to use ...perhaps only superceeded by T.H.E's TT-3M measurement omni. Now *there's" a mic that just disappears, gets out of the way & leaves nothing between you and the instrument. ..... I just loved the SHIT out of those mics."

    B. Ross - Contributing Editor - RECORDING magazine, NY - USA

KR-1F, KR-1D and KR-25A (small & large diaphragm omni's & cardioid)

    " Bob Ross (see above) is right  - but UNDERstates the case for T.H.E. mics. I doubt there are more than three or four living recording engineers who ever recorded more (different, distinct) pianos than I have. I doubt that anyone has recorded more pianos LIVE "in performance" circumstances. I know what pianos sound like under just about every conceivable arrangement: T.H.E. mics are unsurpassed - perhaps equaled (barely) - by any mic (DPA, Schoeps, Neumann, A-T, Beyer, etc.) in the accurate recording of pianos."

    J. Merod, CA - USA

BS-3D Sphere (Binaural omni recording mic)

    "I am finished recording with the BS-3D Sphere.... It performed flawlessly. I did a side-by-side comparison in the same hall, same piano, same 1 bit recorder (MR1000 from KORG) and the other microphones standing only 6 inches from the sphere. This comparison was excellent because I was able to get the difference between the BS-3D Sphere and a matched set of Neumann TLM170's..... It is unbelievable..(I.E.: the BS-3D Sphere is MUCH better than these Neumanns). Thank you so much for your help. Your work designing this microphone is truly outstanding and in my experience it is MUCH better than the similar set-up I used as a "human head" for my first recording 12 years ago (an SASS head outfitted with B&K omni's, which cost over $15K!)."

     E. Albulescu, Lehigh University Music Department

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