The NEWEST Solutions are from T.H.E.

At T.H.E.we use our own electronics and capsule designs, so we can experiment, modify and even customize to our (or your) heart's content. We even build our own TEST equipment to match components. Constantly improving our designs as SOLUTIONS in our own work, we offer this design-and-build criteria direct to our customers.


Today's high-definition, digital world demands superior audio tools that capture tremendous depth of field and frequency response while having fast and quiet electronics. Creating the clearest & cleanest path from source to capture, our mics are built to perform flawlessly for generations. What more can we say?

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About T.H.E. Audio

professional recording microphones

T.H.E. Audio (Taylor Hohendahl Engineering) was founded in 1998 to develop new professional microphone designs from original German, Austrian and Russian solutions by using ultra-fast electronics for better response and lower noise in today's digital environment.

Original ideas to "customize" existing high-end equipment developed into a  commitment to push the boundaries in tonal quality and response. As our understanding of the "field" grew, our abilities to capture and render sound led to entirely new solutions.

Our BS-3D Binaural Recording Sphere is made of exotic hardwood for both aesthetic and technical reasons. Our modular KR-25A capsules are unmatched in response, depth-of-field and neutral coloration.

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